Meaning of tameness in English:



See tame

  • ‘And I was looking at the evenness of the traffic, the tameness of their progress homeward and I realized most of these people actually wanted these simple, level-headed, mostly ordinary lives.’
  • ‘One of the special traits of this crane species is that they pair for life and conjugal devotion has won popular reverence and protection, resulting in tameness and lack of fear of human beings, say research scholars.’
  • ‘Early European explorers were amazed at the tameness of the wildlife and attributed it to a lack of predators - including humans.’
  • ‘A tame animal does not pass that tameness onto its offspring; taming is not a heritable, genetic change, and there is no simple way to discover when a hominid first tamed another species.’
  • ‘The abundance and tameness of many breeding birds, together with a handful of local specialities, make Iceland a popular destination for birdwatchers.’